One of most popular curling irons today is the clipless hair curler, It’s been around long ago and it is still very making waves. Olayer clipless Curling Iron has been ranked high on many Olayer clipless hair curler reviews sites because of its high performance and cheap price tag. Hot tool curling iron can heat up to 430 F which is suitable for all types of hair. Olayer clipless hair curler features an efficient heating system and comes with barrel of different sizes.

Professional hairdressers use Olayer appliances for the styling. Olayer are used in curling irons, flat irons and in dryers. Regular curling iron cannot meet the standard of professional stylist, because a curling iron used in a salon must be to heat up fast and avoid heat loss so the stylist can style hair as quickly as possible.

These professional stylists require different range of temperature, from high temperature settings to low temperature setting varying types of hair. Olayer curling iron has 10 variable heat settings to effectively meet these demands. Another unique feature of Olayer clipless hair curler is the Pulse Auto heat control system, which automatically regulate temperature by sensing heat loss and regenerate the heat instantly.

Olayer clipless hair curler are available in different barrel sizes varying in diameter. Common sizes are 3/8 inch, 5/8 inch, 1 inch clipless curling iron and up to 2 inches. The 5/8 inch barrel is best for creating smooth and tight curls, while the best barrel size for all hair length is the 3/4 inch barrel. The 1 1/4 inches barrel can create large curl, ideal for very long hair. I inch barrel is use to create gentle waves. For a soft and tight curl the 3/8 inch barrel is best used.

On the other hand, the Olayer Curling Iron or clipless hair curler is an effective curling iron with instant heat ability for dependable outcome. The barrel is capable of producing constant high temperature to create many curls as needed in a salon. Olayer Professional Curling Iron has power of 85 watts which is four times more powerful than regular curling iron. It is available in 6 different barrel sizes for creating curl of different sizes and length. Some features of Olayer Professional Spring Curling Iron are:
•It has heavy duty heating element
•It has a gold plated barrel
•It comes with a sure-grip handle
•Olayer Professional Curling Iron has a strong spring clamp
•All Olayer Curling Iron comes with 1 year warranty

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