Zenite® LCP and Thermx® PCT products to strengthen Ticona’s electrical and electronics applications

Celanese Enhances Advanced Engineered Materials Segment Through Acquisition of Global LCP and PCT Product Lines from DuPont Performance Polymers


Florence, Ky., Kelsterbach, Germany, Shanghai, PR China, May 6, 2010

Celanese Corporation (NYSE:CE), a leading, global chemical company, today announced that its Advanced Engineered Materials business has completed a transaction to acquire two product lines, DuPont™ Zenite® liquid crystal polymer (LCP) and Thermx® polycyclohexylene-dimethylene terephthalate (PCT), from DuPont Performance Polymers.

“This acquisition will continue to build upon Celanese’s position as a global supplier of high performance materials and technology-driven applications as we continue to expand our innovative offerings in growth-oriented segments to support our customers,” said David Weidman, chairman and CEO, Celanese. “These two products broaden the company’s Ticona Engineering Polymers offerings, enabling Celanese to respond to a globalizing customer base, especially in the high growth electrical and electronics application segments.”

“As the leading supplier of high performance engineering resins, DuPont Performance Polymers is fully committed to growing and strengthening its broad product portfolio,” said Diane Gulyas, president, DuPont Performance Polymers. “DuPont Performance Polymers has concluded that this opportunity to divest Zenite® LCP and Thermx® PCT is in the best long-term interests of our portfolio and customers. We will work closely with Celanese to make the transition period as effective as possible for our customers.”

Revenues of Zenite® LCP and Thermx® PCT were approximately US$40 million in 2009 during a period of global economic recessionary conditions. The acquisition price is not being disclosed at this time.

Green Electronics

Leading electronics manufacturers, governments and consumer groups around the world are increasingly calling for the development of “green electronics.” Many of these global manufacturers are discontinuing the use of halogenated compounds in their products in favor of more environmentally friendly components.

This acquisition will strengthen Ticona´s industry position and broaden its LCP product portfolio to enable Ticona to offer consumers additional environmentally friendly electrical and electronics product solutions. These “green devices,” made out of LCPs, ensure the highest levels of product performance without the use of halogens. LCPs are used in switches, connectors, memory module sockets, in-play consoles, laptops, televisions and mobile phones and other electrical and electronics devices.

The acquisition will also enable Ticona to offer a broader variety of excellent product solutions for automotive suppliers like sensor-equipped cars or future-oriented LED lighting applications.

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About Celanese

As a global leader in the chemicals industry, Celanese Corporation makes products essential to everyday living. Our products, found in consumer and industrial applications, are manufactured in North America, Europe and Asia.  Net sales totaled $5.1 billion in 2009, with approximately 73% generated outside of North America.  Known for operational excellence and execution of its business strategies, Celanese delivers value to customers around the globe with innovations and best-in-class technologies.  Based in Dallas, Texas, the company employs approximately 7,400 employees worldwide. For more information on Celanese Corporation, please visit the company’s website at www.celanese.com.

About Ticona

Ticona, the technical polymers business of Celanese Corporation, produces and markets a broad range of engineering polymers and generated sales of $808 million in 2009. The company has more than 1,450 employees worldwide and operates production, compounding and research facilities in the USA, Germany, Brazil and China. For further information please visit www.ticona.com.

About DuPont Performance Polymers

The DuPont Performance Polymers business manufactures and sells Crastin® PBT and Rynite® PET thermoplastic polyester resins, Delrin® acetal resins, Hytrel® thermoplastic polyester elastomers, DuPont™ ETPV engineering thermoplastic vulcanizates, Minlon® mineral reinforced nylon resins, Neoprene polychloroprene, Tynex® filaments, Vespel® parts and shapes, Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer parts, Vamac® ethylene acrylic elastomers (AEM), Viton® fluoroelastomers, Viton® FreeFlow™ processing aids, Zytel® nylon resins and Zytel® HTN high-performance polyamides. These products serve global markets in the aerospace, appliance, automotive, consumer, electrical, electronic, healthcare, industrial, sporting goods and many other diversified industries. For more information, please visit the website at http://www2.dupont.com/Our_Company/en_US/business/performance_polymers.html.


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About the products



Vectra liquid crystal polymers (LCP) are highly crystalline, thermotropic (melt-oriented) thermoplastic polymers that deliver exceptionally precise and stable dimensions, high temperature performance and chemical resistance in very thin-walled applications.


Vectra LCP provides high stiffness in thin wall sections and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. It also withstands high surface mount soldering temperatures, including those required by lead-free solder. These properties have led to the use of Vectra LCP in many electronic applications such as connectors, bobbins, switches, chip carriers and sensors. Many grades outperform ceramics, thermosets and other high temperature plastics.


Vectra LCP also replaces stainless steel in medical applications. Several grades of Vectra LCP comply with USP Class VI guidelines and ICO 10993-1. They are resistant to gamma radiation, steam autoclaving and most chemical sterilizing methods. Vectra LCPs are approved for use in many medical applications such as surgical instruments, dental tools, sterilizable trays and equipment, drug delivery systems and diagnostica.



The Zenite application portfolio encompasses a broad range of components for electrical and electronic products, lighting, telecommunications, automotive ignition and fuel systems, aerospace applications, fiber optics, motors, imaging devices, sensors, ovenware, fuel or gas barrier structures, and much more. Features and properties include: High-temperature assembly of electrical and electronic components, suitability for SMT assembly (including lead-free solder reflow), superior heat aging performance and retention of properties when exposed to heat, design freedom (ability to incorporate exceptionally long flow paths, thin walls and complex geometries), excellent chemical resistance, inherent flame retardancy, high precision (through exceptionally high dimensional stability, low mold shrinkage and low thermal expansion), good processing speed due to super-fast cycling, an excellent balance of stiffness, strength and toughness, outstanding creep resistance and superior dielectric properties over a wide range of temperatures.



Designed for use in high temperature applications, Thermx® PCT from DuPont™ are polyesters based on polycyclohexylene-dimethylene terephthalate chemistry. Along with the excellent chemical resistance, processability and dimensional stability of engineering polymers such as PET and PBT, they also offer outstanding temperature resistance. As a result, Thermx® PCT polyesters are particularly well-suited for demanding applications in the automotive industry and in electrical and electronic products. The higher temperature resistance, short cycle times and outstanding processing characteristics of Thermx® PCT polyesters offer significant performance advantages and contribute directly to added value.