Plastic Mold design and manufacturing refers to master mold design and plastic mold manufacturer base of professional knowledge, has the stronger actual work ability, can in front-line engaged in production process design, mold design, Mold Making, mold repair, quality management and adapt to the mechanical mold industry production, management, service first line needs, and has good professional ethics and innovative quality professionals.
American Plastic Mold Manufacturers Association’s recent overview of the industry operators conducted a survey of its members, the survey shows the industry gradually to the positive aspects of development. 56% of the respondents said their operating conditions to improve, up 3%, 15% of respondents said their business over the past three months the situation quite well, 20% of respondents said business conditions in general. In addition, in 2011 the Association also conducted a survey of the industry forecast on the first quarter of 2011, overall remain optimistic; which is expected to substantial increase in members of the business accounted for 6%, unchanged from the fall of 2010 statistical data; predicted first in 2011 quarter of the members of the business to maintain steady growth from 35% in autumn, increased to 42%; forecast growth ratio of the amount of members remain unchanged from 44% to 40%. The amount of the first quarter growth forecast to be reduced membership rate from 15% to 11%; only 1% of the respondents predicted the business would sharply. Overall, respondents reported that business conditions in 2011 have significantly improved over the past decade to be optimistic.