We are mainly involved in the manufacturing plastic injection mold, the process performance characteristics are:
1. shrinkage rate of powder or pellets of plastic products are often produced in high temperature, molten state in theĀ Plastic Injection Mold, molding, when the product is cooled to room temperature, the size of shrinkage will occur. In order to ensure the accuracy of product size, mold line of the required size of the cavity shrinkage rate should be set with the appropriate amplification factor. General shrinkage of the products too prone to warping and cracking.
2. liquidity, plastic under pressure in the heat and the ability to fill the entire cavity is called the line of liquidity.
3. water, plastic water often contains more or less. Excessive moisture in plastics, to increased mobility, increased molding cycle, shrinkage ratio increases, porous and prone to warping, surface ripples and bored with the phenomenon of light products decreased mechanical properties and dielectric properties.