Part Finishing

A plastic part as molded may require further treatment to create the finished object.  Among the finishing methods that may be employed with parts made from Ticona’s engineering resins are shaping, joining, machining, various welding processes, chemical bonding, and various decorating processes.

In general, parts made from our plastics may be further finished by drilling, tapping, turning, machining, and polishing, using typical wood or metal-working equipment.  The work-piece should not be allowed to overheat during such a step.

Many thermal joining methods have been used successfully with parts made from Ticona’s resins.  These include direct mechanical methods such as hot plate, spin, vibration and ultrasonic welding; and indirect processes such as radio frequency, electromagnetic and laser welding.  Chemical bonding may also be employed to join parts made from our engineering plastics, with the specific adhesive depending on the material being joined.

Numerous marking and decorating methods have been employed with parts made from our materials, including painting, printing, electroplating, vacuum metallizing, hot stamping and laser marking.