Constant innovation causes medical technology equipment to evolve at a rapid pace. Materials of construction play a central role in the design of new equipment. As the patient community demands increased safety and accuracy from providers, these dictates are ultimately met through high-performance materials. There is an increasing trend towards “smart” products, including “intelligent” drug delivery systems like insulin injection pens, powder inhalers and needleless injectors.

Using engineering plastics in medical technology can help reduce total manufacturing cost, through consolidation of multiple parts into a single unit and by implementation of automated assembly processes. Ticona recognizes the challenges of mission-critical components and offers an array of leading edge materials that are excellent candidates for medical applications.

Ticona’s resins are offered globally yet supported locally, with materials and services available to support all phases of development. Beyond that, Ticona is committed to producing its medical technology (MT) grades over the long term, making Ticona the logical choice to supply resins for medical engineering needs. Ticona’s MT products have a history of use in components of diagnostic systems, large clinical equipment, pharmaceutical packaging and articulating bearing surfaces for orthopedic implants.

Other applications in which Ticona’s high-performance plastics have demonstrated successful performance include dosing and delivery systems and minimally invasive surgical instruments.

Among the products available for use in medical applications are

  • Celcon® MT™ and Hostaform® MT™ acetal copolymers
  • Celanex® MT™ thermoplastic polyester
  • Fortron® MT™ polyphenylensulfide
  • Select GUR® ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene grades
  • Riteflex® MT™ thermoplastic polyester
  • Vectra® MT™ liquid crystal polymer

All Ticona grades available for medical applications are FDA and USP Class VI compliant.