As a leading global supplier of engineering plastics, Ticona uses advanced polymer and formulation technology to produce innovative materials that are used in a wide spectrum of markets and applications. Engineering plastics are used in applications requiring predictable mechanical performance, consistent chemical and thermal properties, dimensional stability and a tolerance for heat and moisture. In general, they must be strong, stiff and stable.

Ticona holds leading positions in acetal copolymers, liquid crystal polymers, long fiber reinforced thermoplastics, ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene, and polyphenylene sulfide, and offers an extensive range of polyester-based resins and compounds.

The broad range of performance capabilities offered by these engineering materials has led to the wide use of Ticona’s products in major markets such as the automotive, appliance, information technology, medical, and consumer and recreational product industries, as well as in general industrial and electrical and electronic applications.

By exploiting the properties and processing capabilities of materials, Ticona helps its customers develop the tools for progress. This concept is the essence of engineering with materials.