A typical Plastic Household Molds enterprise, besides Injection mold production and manufacturing, still can involve some fixture, fixture and PuTongJi add pieces of manufacturing. In this case, the high precision and strong function, commonality good stationary measuring machine became the most mould enterprise quality testing link preferred classical measuring equipment.
Mould measurement requirements of control type usually include the designated point measurement, assembly and positioning hole diameter and position measurements, often will also require measuring type, face type line outline degrees. At this time, the fixed measuring machine high accuracy, automation, and point-to-point non-contact measurement ability appear extremely apply. If you want will Die workpiece with CAD model directly on point cloud matching the surface of Die Casting Mold Design than themselves or the surveying and mapping, stationary measuring machine also can use touch scanned continuously measuring non-contact laser scanning head or measuring head, highly efficient, high-density point cloud scans measured. Note here is that because the measurement principle of measuring the structure and different, contact the accuracy of measurement usually than non-contact measurement precision.
Rapid response and fast realization Custom adjustment, which in recent years a Custom Mold Design more pressing business development demand. Through the rapid injection mould manufacturing and delivery, can shorten the product manufacturing cycle, the competition for enterprise gain precious opportunities, while large moulds, along with expanding demand online measurement and molds, jigs, and fixtures, make the field adjustable demand portable measuring system came into being. Joint arm coordinates measuring machine because of its portability and flexible characteristics, for growing Thermoplastic Injection Molding processing industry is one of the key application measuring equipment. The equipment can be used for the workshop online measurement, don’t suffer environmental effect, Ann rigged up convenient and quick, even can be directly mounted to the large machine for referrals die without internal in machine measurement; Meanwhile measuring arm use carbon materials, very lightweight. Work, by the operator of the workpiece hand-held measuring arm into line measures or surveying and mapping, measuring direction can like the person as always adjust the arm, largely avoided the existence of measuring blind Angle. Therefore, portable joint arm measuring machine is the highest efficiency of surveying and mapping or measurement of mold, especially one of measuring equipment suits the batch sheet measures or surveying and mapping missions.
Along with the measurement technology continuous innovation and development, advanced measuring technology not only embodies in measuring chamber and manufacturing scene but simultaneously also be innovative application in machine tools and machining equipment. This is what we are talking about the machine measuring system. In machine measurement technology as an effective process control means for the machining operation personnel provides real-time processing quality feedback, avoid unnecessary processing error, and meanwhile mold especially large modulus significantly increased with manufacturing efficiency. In machine measurement system including the workpiece in machine measurement systems and tools in machine measuring system.