Halogen-free Solutions for Greener Electronics

Major consumer electronic manufacturers such as Sony and Apple are leading the way in reducing the amount of, or removing entirely, hazardous materials such as heavy metals and bromine compounds from their products.  As a company that provides performance driven solutions, Ticona is well positioned to help customers develop eco-friendly innovations.

Ticona offers a broad product line of halogen-free, lead-free solderable and flame-resistant thermoplastics that meet RoHS regulations and conform with WEEE directives. In addition, these products provide the highest safety performance with UL 94 V-0 flammability ratings.  

Vectra® LCP

Vectra® LCP is halogen-free and inherently flame resistant, without the need of flame-retardants. Introduced 22 years ago, the Vectra LCP product line has evolved to include innovative grades for thinner walls, higher temperature resistance, higher production rates, lower overall part costs and can be recycled up to 50%, while retaining UL ratings. Vectra LCP can endure short-term temperature exposure up to 340° C to withstand lead-free soldering. These properties have led to Vectra LCP becoming the material of choice in high-temperature electronic components such connectors, bobbins, switches and relays.

Fortron® PPS

Fortron® PPS is stiff, strong, hard and tough and has outstanding chemical and oxidative resistance, with a continuous-use temperature that extends to 240°C, is free of halogenated flame retardants and is inherently flame resistant.  A new grade recently introduced, reduces Chlorine concentrations to below 900 parts per million.

Polyester XFR®

Ticona has developed a comprehensive portfolio of halogen- and antimony-free flame-resistant polyesters. Celanex® XFR® PBT and Riteflex® XFR® TPC-ET grades offer “drop-in“ halogen-free solutions without sacrificing the performance delivered by conventional.

We focus the full power of our world-class engineering polymers, global reach, deep technical knowledge, and design and application development experience to help you navigate the green landscape.