Electrical & Electronics

In industrialized nations, electrical and electronic devices are so commonplace and taken for granted that we hardly even think about them. We just expect them to work properly all the time, and on the rare occasion when one does not work, we simply replace it with a newer, better and usually less expensive version. We can do this thanks to continuing advances in electronics.

But the electrical and electronic devices would not function without insulation – and Ticona is a globally-recognized source for engineering resins used not only for insulation in these devices, but also for their mechanical components. As more features are packed into less space, maintaining dimensional tolerances becomes more and more important, but electrical properties cannot be sacrificed.

High insulation resistance, low dielectric loss, easy moldability and good dimensional stability are typical characteristics of Ticona’s engineering resins. Where line voltages must be considered, many of Ticona’s products can be certified to meet the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories standard UL-94, with V-O ratings down to very thin walls.

This combination of desirable attributes provided by engineering resins from Ticona makes them a first choice for many of the challenging applications encountered in today’s electrical and electronic equipment.