Good product design is not an accident.  It’s not just a drawing or a set of blueprints, but rather a total process that begins with the concept and ends with the finished object.  When it comes to designing parts in engineering plastics, Ticona’s world-class portfolio of engineering polymers is backed up by a creative staff of design engineers ready to assist you in all phases of your project.  We can assist you with deciding the geometry of your part and with determining how to maximize the functional integration it can provide you.  We can help you make the best material choice for part function, cost effectiveness and environmental resistance, and when all that is done, we can help you with tool design and process design so the part you get is the part you planned.

Ticona has always been a strategic supporter of product and application development because we realized early on that the only lasting success is mutual success.  We have a wide array of capabilities upon which we can draw to meet our customers’ needs:

  • Consulting (we are available for meetings at your site or ours)
  • Computerized solid modeling and 3-dimensional simulation of the injection molding process
  • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), such as structural and mold-filling analyses
  • Part design, tooling, and material recommendations
  • Design seminars
  • Access to specialists in such areas as gear design, rheology, and material characterization for CAE