Consumer Products

High-performance engineering plastics are key, not only to meeting exacting specifications in consumer applications but also to delivering the aesthetics qualities that are critical to this market area.

Ticona’s engineering resins provide the required performance in innumerable, diverse applications and also enable the achievement of the desired aesthetics, be it a matter of color, shape and form, surface finish or tactile sensation.

All of Ticona’s materials can be provided in a wide range of colors, most particularly Hostaform® and Celcon® acetal copolymers (POM) and Celanex® polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), where extensive precision color-matching capabilities are employed to deliver colors within narrow delta-E specifications.

Good flow and easy processability mean that complex parts can be molded readily from Ticona’s injection moldable grades. A variety of secondary assembly processes can be applied to produce finished parts and many decorating processes can be applied to produce the final look including hot stamping, painting, labeling and sublimation or pad printing.

Excellent feature replication enables production of any required surface finish from high-gloss to matte or even crosshatched. Special low-gloss grades are available to provide a matte finish that resists burnishing from frequent handling. If a soft finish is needed, it can be provided by hard-soft molding techniques, using perhaps Ticona’s Riteflex® thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPE), one of the many commercially available soft materials for which Ticona can recommend bonding methods.

All of Ticona’s capabilities, from design consultation to computer-aided engineering to mold-flow analysis to hands-on help at molding trials, are available to our customers to support the development of consumer applications from paintbrushes to toothbrushes, from water filters to oil filters, and from skis to skates. Beyond any or all of these applications, Ticona stands ready to help you break new ground and explore new frontiers with our high-performance plastics