Compel® LFRT

To extend your range of processing possibilities and to allow you to reap the benefits of very high modulus and extra high impact strength, Compel long fiber reinforced thermoplastic (LFRT) is an excellent material for extrusion compression molding.  

Compel LFRT products are made using a process that thoroughly wets out the glass fibers and delivers optimal reinforcement to the plastic matrix. Unlike conventional short-fiber reinforced materials, the longer fibers present in molded parts of Compel LFRT mechanically interact with each other to form an internal glass fiber “skeleton” that limits anisotropic shrinkage and greatly reduces warpage. Standard fiber length of Compel LFRT is 25 mm, somewhat longer than the 10 mm fiber used in Celstran® LFRT. The result is even higher impact strength.

Glass and carbon fibers are used to deliver the property balance required for a wide range of demanding uses. Polymer feedstock is typically polypropylene and nylon and all grades are heat-stabilized.

The combination of mechanical properties, creep and very high impact resistance, and low warpage imparted by LFRT products make them suitable candidates for metal replacement.  Typical applications include automobile front ends, instrument panel support brackets and control panels.