In accordance with “industry first, can quickly is fast, investment-led” three economic development principles, shenzhen office area municipal underwear, China mould bases this year, output is expected to reach 25 million. Among them, underwear base to Sincere Tech. and GC China mould. and other famous enterprises dominate the expected annual production value of up to 10 million; mold base to SINCERE TECH Plastic Mold Company and other enterprises dominate the expected annual output value of up to 1.5 billion.

Yesterday, shenzhen Office was informed that this year, the Office in accordance with “industry first, can quickly is fast, investment-led” three economic development principles, on the one hand, in the first 10 months of above-scale industrial enterprises in total output value of 372 .72 billion yuan, up 15%; underwear, mold and watches city-owned three bases plans to invest 42 million yuan has been invested in 33.88 million yuan; underwear base already HYX MOLD., GC CHINA MOULD went into operation, expected annual production value of up to 10 million; Mold Base 100 million and holding, Ming Feng Da, Ye-ming, three enterprises have been put into operation, expected annual production value of up to 15 million; in the financial crisis would adversely Under the influence of this year, also introduced Enterprise 62, the introduction of capital 1.24009 billion yuan, and to address the vacant factories 241.7 thousand square meters. On the other hand to speed up the high-energy, low value-added businesses out of the pace of total elimination of these enterprises to 77; the same time, with the foreign trade decline has slowed down, area business confidence strengthened domestic-funded enterprises continued to improve. This year a total of 54 companies attended the 15th session of the Lanqia Hui, third in Northeast Asia Expo, the sixth ASEAN Expo and the 11th Hi-Tech Fair to promote the enterprise product expansion and sales channels. In the meantime, is also active in the business services activities, large number of enterprises to solve problems, this year has coordinate and solve business problems and difficulties 100, and with the Shenzhen SME credit guarantee companies, Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank, Development Bank 3 financial institutions to set up an enterprise short-term financing of contact mechanism for enterprises to provide fast short-term financing services.

Economic development is inseparable from a good social management and solid infrastructure. This year, New Komeito office has to complete Government investment projects 23, a total investment of 531 million yuan; “five vertical and five horizontal” (five vertical: Dragon big high-speed, the East a long way, Song Bai Road, and the root-Yu Road, Nam-ray high-speed ; five horizontal: Optical Kiu Road, Tong Ming Road, Zhou Avenue, public Nan loop and Komeito Beihuan Rd) road network construction in full swing, at present, by the District to implement the city main road Songbai highway reconstruction project, light Kiu Road, Tong Ming Road, public Nan loop has been under construction, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan. By the office responsible for the implementation of the roads, including Huafa Road, Landscape Road, revitalizing and roads are being vigorously to build or construction at a total investment of nearly 10 billion yuan.

As a direct measure of social harmony and stability of the safe production, labor disputes, social security and people’s livelihood, etc., Sincere Tech plastic mold company is through active efforts to ensure the work solid progress and achieved some good results. As of the end of October, area, Chief Superintendent of the situation a few fell 10.1%, of which the criminal police intelligence a few fell 22.8%, public order police intelligence a few fell 15.1%, “Liang Qiang 2 Pirates,” the police intelligence a few year down 15.5%, to the present, without any trouble trouble-making event, a major mass incidents Qunsiqunshang and other major security disasters and industrial accidents.