Celanex® PBT

A fast-cycling resin with high strength, rigidity and toughness. One that exhibits low creep even at high temperatures. One that offers resistance to a wide range of chemicals, solvents, oils and greases. That’s Celanex PBT. When you add to this list excellent dimensional stability, low moisture absorption and powerful insulation resistance, you get a property profile that explains why Celanex PBT provided new engineering opportunities when it was introduced in 1969.

To meet the specific needs of its diverse applications, Celanex PBT resins are supplied as unreinforced grades and in grades formulated with fiberglass and/or minerals. Flame-retarded and lubricated versions are also available in both unreinforced and reinforced grades. Among the flame-retarded products are several meeting the V-0 rating requirements of the UL standard 94 flammability test in part thicknesses as low as 0.8 mm (0.032 in). V-0 rated Celanex resins are available with high performance non-exuding flame retardant packages. Depending on the market requirements, the flame retardant system of Celanex PBT are low in migration and halogenfree.

Unfilled grades have a wide range of melt viscosities to provide processing latitude in injection molding and in extrusion techniques ranging from melt-blowing of fibers to production of rod and slab, fiber optic buffer tubes or brake cable liners.

To name only some examples, therange of potential applications for reinforced grades includes:

  • Automotive ignition and electrical system parts
  • Electrical and electronic connectors and sockets
  • Switches, bobbins and motor housings and insulation
  • Appliance housings, handles and bases

These and many other applications bear testimony to the flexibility and adaptability of Ticona’s Celanex PBT. The broad utility of these products is also shown by the numerous regulatory approvals held by various grades. These include VDE or UL-approvals for the E/E market or FDA approval for the nutrition and medical market.