This features on the 1400W best powerful hair dryer is based on yet another powerful blow dryer from the Olayer Chinese best powerful hair dryer company. Olayer hair dryer manufacturer makes a lot of best hair blower but this one seems to be the best high power hair dryer which they’ve added to their range. For a lightweight new model alternative to the old models, this lightweight high wattage blow dryer really does perform well as it produces excellent results through efficient and quick drying. There are some features which you should be aware of before purchasing, as Olayer hair dryer company is not well know brand of manufacturing most powerful hair dryer, but you will also be surprised by the positive things which many customers have had to say about this powerful hair dryer. For full details please be sure to read on through our list of features and complete review of the best high power hair dryer

Key features of the best high power hair dryer 1400w

  • Iconic and Porcelain Ceramic Technology. Helps to gently dry hair while keeping it smooth and silky and avoiding frizz.
  • 6 Heat/Speed Settings.
  • 140000 Watts of Power for Quick Drying with 110,000 turns per minutes motor
  • Instant Cool Shot Button.
  • Removable Filter.
  • Limited 3 Year Warranty. Should you choose to purchase this product from online you will also be covered by their customer support services who will assist you with any immediate problems should they arise.

Some customer review about this powerful hairdryer

I’ll start off this review as I usually like to by talking a little bit about the general reaction of the customers on Amazon to this most powerful blow dryer from Olayer hair dryer manufacturer. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Amazon it would be helpful for you to know that they have a system in place which allows anyone who has purchased a product to leave a review and rating of it. This means that for nearly every product on Amazon there is a huge number of reviews which were left by customers and this provides a great resource of first hand and unbiased information for others who are considering purchasing the product in question. At the time of writing this this best high power hair dryer had a total of 339 customer reviews and ratings and of these customers, 278 opted to grant the high speed hair dryer either a 4 or a 5 star review. Clearly then, there is a lot of satisfied customers so let’s now move on to talk a little bit about what these customers liked so much.

One of the first things which most customers mention in their reviews is how impressed they are with the power which this high wattage blow dryer can put out, and more importantly how quickly this allows them to get their hair dried. This is all down to the 1400 watt motor of course. This powerful hair dryer goes a step further though, not only being very efficient at drying your hair but customers have also said that it’s great for styling your hair as you dry it with a variety of different brushes. Some blow dryers tend to be too hot and can sometimes burn your hair but this is not the case with this one. You have 6 different heat and speed settings to choose from and customers have said that this most powerful hair dryer is certainly hot enough to get the job done quickly but not so hot that it damages hair.

Speaking of being kind to hair, that’s one of the next things that I’d like to talk about in this best high power hair dryer. As you can see in the feature list which I have written above this best powerful hair dryer features iconic and porcelain ceramic technology. The whole idea behind this technology is that blow dryers should be able to quickly and efficiently dry hair without damaging it. In fact simply not damaging hair is not good enough, Olayer China hair dryer manufacturer have also ensured that their product can also prevent frizz and other unintended hair “styles” which can sometimes occur when using a blow dryer.

I now come to the section of this best powerful hair dryer where I have to mention some of the negative comments which a small handful of customers have had about this product. First things first, there has been some reviews from customers who have said that after 4 or 5 months of use the dryer can be prone to breakdowns. No problem you might say, since you have a 3 year warranty. Well, yes – but here’s where the second negative comment from customers comes in and it’s about the Olayer customer support services. According to some customers, the customer support is terrible and let me illustrate why this is a problem when it comes to availing of your warranty with a little anecdote. There was one customer in particular who’s blow dryer broke down after a few months and they decided to ring up Olayer to get a repair or replacement under warranty. The customer rang customer support and was left on hold for over 50 minutes before being “disconnected” – they called back and were left on the phone for another 20 minutes before giving up. So to make a long story short, the warranty which comes with this appliance may not be as useful as it appears. However, for a product which can produce quality results as this one does for the low price of just over $100, this really isn’t that huge of a problem. But you should definitely be aware of the fact that the customer support from Olayer is very sub par.

So in conclusion I have to say that this really is an excellent powerful hair dryer

 which has a large collection of very satisfied customers, as you can see from the very positive reviews and high ratings which they have left on Amazon. For the price you’re paying this is a really good deal indeed comparing to the same grade of high speed hair dryer – it’s unusual to get a product which can produce such excellent results for such a low price. However, the reason for this low price becomes apparent as when you read through some of the negative customer reviews in which some customers talk about how their blow dryers had broken down after less than half a year in some cases. This is admittedly only a small number of customers but it’s something worth noting in any case before you make your purchase. In my opinion with these high quality results at such a low price, it’s more than worth the risk of picking up a faulty unit which could break down after a few months.

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