Innovation and cost-effective production in today’s automotive industry would not be possible without the use of plastics. Engineering polymers play an important role in achieving these goals in vehicle interiors and exteriors, as well as in power train & chassis, under the hood, fuel and automotive electric/electronic applications.  With a well-rounded portfolio of engineering thermoplastics, Ticona offers a broad range of products to fulfil the high demands of automotive applications:  Hostaform® and Celcon® POM, Celanex® PBT, Impet® PET, Vandar® Polyester-Blends, Riteflex® COPE, Vectra® LCP, Fortron® PPS, Celstran® LFRT, Compel® LFRT and GUR® UHMW-PE

The key issues for automotive applications are temperature and chemical resistance, electronic insulation, dimensional stability, tight tolerances, modularization, and, of course, cost and weight savings.  Here, the interaction between Ticona’s engineering thermoplastics and the know-how of our engineers create synergies that make new and innovative solutions possible.

The fact that new applications for engineering polymers are constantly being developed is the achievement of the automobile manufacturers, system suppliers and polymer processors. At Ticona, we endeavor to make our contribution by further developing engineering polymers to meet demanding requirements, even in completely new fields of application. With our materials and technical expertise in the design of plastic parts, we aim to give our customers the best conditions for innovation. For that reason, we are often involved in developments right from the start and can thus contribute our entire know-how.