Application Development

Ideas > Feasibility Studies > Material Recommendations > Tool Building > Part Prototyping and Part Testing leading to Part Production.

The most effective development process involves the material supplier at the beginning of a project to help utilize the plastics to their best advantage. We, at Ticona, work closely with our customers to help them develop innovative, cost-effective applications and design solutions.

Our creative staff of applications development, design, and processing engineers, as well as laboratory and molding technicians, is ready to assist you in all phases of application development:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Computer Aided Engineering (structural and mold filling analyses)
  • Material recommendation
  • Developing new materials
  • Molding test plaques (ISO, ASTM)
  • Print and part reviews
  • Tooling recommendations
  • Molding capabilities (for troubleshooting, process studies, and design of experiments)
  • Part testing
  • Customer workshops and training