Every successful appliance begins with intelligent design and engineering. In today’s hotly competitive and saturated marketplace, appliance and component OEMs need to be proactive in reducing their overall unit costs to gain market share. They must also continually eliminate noise, extend unit life and create new products and market niches by incorporating attractive designs and extended performance into their appliances.

Ticona is a preferred supplier to the leading global appliance OEMs because of our product technology, our extensive experience in appliance components and our commitment to working with our customers to help them improve designs and reduce costs all the way from creative concept to product manufacturing.

The hundreds of applications for Ticona’s materials achieve specific goals in major appliances, small appliances, electrical controls and timers, motors, compressors, power distribution and gear systems.

Our Hostaform® and Celcon® acetal copolymers (POM) provide stain resistant high gloss surfaces in a wide variety of standard and custom color-matched resins. They are detergent–resistant, have very low moisture absorption and are dimensionally stable over a wide temperature range. The friction and wear performance of these resins has made them a design standard wherever fractional horsepower gear trains are required.

Many Ticona products offer Underwriters Laboratories V-0 ratings, including Celanex® polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), Vandar® thermoplastic polyester alloys and Fortron® polyphenylene sulfide (PPS). These product lines are available in a range of neat, filled and reinforced grades covering a broad spectrum of mechanical and other properties.

For instance, the Fortron® PPS grades all have excellent thermal and creep resistance and extreme solvent resistance. These products also exhibit very good flow and can readily fill intricate thin-walled parts. The polyester-based Celanex and Vandar products also have good environmental resistance and dimensional stability. Combined with the V-0 ratings, their desirable dielectric properties lead to innumerable uses in motor, connector and switch applications.


Replacement of metal parts by a weight saving, lower-cost alternative is frequently an important reason for choosing Celstran® LFRT. These long-fiber-reinforced thermoplastics (LFRT) offer outstanding values for rigidity, tensile stress at break, dimensional stability, etc.

Vectra® liquid crystalline polymer LCP offers very high tensile strength and impact resistance as well as a high elastic modulus. The material also allows molding to very close tolerances and can be processed flash-free. This material can withstand short-term temperature peaks of up to 300°C (572° F).

Each of these products is supported by Ticona’s staff of technical specialists who can assist in design molding and finishing of parts and systems.